Well, that would be telling.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That and surprise.” ~ Maurice Blunt


“Graffiti’s like porn, looks nasty feels good.” ~ KIWIE

“Style writing since ’89.” ~ CREAM SODA

“Do not let evil things eat you alive…” ~ Lora Zombie

“Life’s a beach.” ~ Andy Mercer

“Questioning what I see in ‘ordinary’ everyday life for longer than I care to remember.” ~ Bungle

“Graffiti to me is something like the voices in a serial-killers head…” ~ Mr Zero

“I create my art to keep myself happy.. if others like it then that’s a great by-product.” ~ Fin DAC

“Love is crazy as the chance encounter of a tumble dryer and a pickaxe on a surgical table.” ~ GOIN

“I can see a colour combination on a building and then bam, I have an idea for a completely unrelated illustration. I can’t really explain how it works.” ~ Si Clark

“Graffiti for me is a passionate but healthy competition, which requires deep concentration.” ~ Fatheat