Black Duke Vs Si Clark

DIGNIFIED RESILIENCE 'Dignified Resilience' - by Si Clark 01

Si Clark is a contemporary illustrator and animator, who’s at home using a number of mediums. He is a self-confessed workaholic with art being his all consuming passion and never far from his mind. In the past 7 years he has established himself as a successful freelance illustrator in the highly competitive London commercial market but still very much enjoys creating pieces and illustrations for his own pleasure and pastime.

The main themes present in his work are areas of human psychology and trying to visualise diverse topics such as memory structure and schizophrenia and incorporating those into his own personal take on city life and modern society in general.

Drawing inspiration from many different area’s Si, is continually thinking about his art and is usually working many different projects and commissions at once, all drawing on similar themes, colours and influences.

'Dignified Resilience' - by Si Clark 02

When Maurice first approached Si to work on the project he was instantly drawn to the ship and her past, as he explains “I wanted to work on this project as soon as I heard about it as I really liked the idea of making use of this old ship and turning it into something special”

For his piece “Dignified Resilience” Si goes on to explain, “The idea for this piece came very quickly when I understood the history of the ship and the perceived corruption in the locality. It instantly put an idea in my head of the ship being taken over by a company trying to harvest her of materials and suck out her lifeblood whilst she remains dignified in her intention to stay large and proud on the landscape. Her appearance is of silent resilience, remaining as an example to all, even whilst the environment around her becomes increasingly desolate. Truly a “Dignified Resilience” to all those outside influences.”

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