Andy Mercer V DuDug


Andy Mercer has been an artist all his life, taking in all sorts of mediums and images into his art. He gathers his inspiration from the streets; rusting metals, graffiti, Street Art, billboards, weather ravaged hoardings and the general aesthetics of the city, drawing them all into a unique style which delivers powerful, hard hitting messages.

'Shipwreck' by Andy Mercer 01

After many years of working with all these mediums, the birth of the internet and digital imagery opened up a whole new spectrum for him. He loves combining traditional, rugged urban art with digital imagery and the interaction brought by social networking.

A self-confessed social commentator he ensures his work is thought provoking and loves the challenges such as the one poised by Maurice who approached Andy in early September.

'Shipwreck' by Andy Mercer 02

Andy says “The more I looked into it, the more it struck me that the fate of this ship and its owners who were prepared to take a risk to create a unique attraction and then was obstructed for decades by petty officialdom, is a potent symbol for the state of our country.”

Andy has built up a massive following and his work is included in a number of private collections around the world and has had work showcased at Grassington Arts Festival in North Yorkshire and at BBC Radio Lancashire Metropolis exhibition, as well as being featured in a number of art publications.

'Shipwreck' by Andy Mercer 03

Maurice said “It’s great to have such a talent involved in the DuDug Project, Andy’s no holds barred approach to art has helped encapsulate the spirit of Black Duke and helps to bring the ethos of the project to the fore.”

Andy Mercer limited edition, hand-signed canvas prints now available to buy.  Please visit Black Duke Art Shop.