Cream Soda hit Black Duke of Lancaster 02

This week has seen another addition appear on Black Duke, Eduk the Diver was completed on Friday and was the work of The Cream Soda Crew. Standing at 14 meters high and an estimated 18 meters wide he is the biggest work of art attempted at the ship to date.

Cream Soda hit Black Duke of Lancaster 02

One of the key philosophies of the project is to use local resources where ever possible and to support local businesses. Andy Birch, or Dime One heads up a team of street artists known collectively as The Cream Soda Crew, based at Colwyn Bay. As soon as the project hit the drawing board, Andy and The Cream Soda Crew were one of the first names on the team sheet as Andy has completed a number of work shops for various organisations in North Wales and the North West. He and his team have quickly established themselves as the number one street art crew on the North Wales Coast.

Cream Soda hit Black Duke of Lancaster 03

The local lads, Dime One, Japh, Kash and WarPig were all very eager to be involved in the project and utilised a completely different style to Kiwie. The mural of Eduk was an evolving, living process which was continually tweaked throughout the day to produce a stunning effect. Based on a series of rough drawings prepared by Dime One, the mural also includes a 3D art technique to produce the slogan “The Boat That Shocked”

Cream Soda hit Black Duke of Lancaster 04

Andy has also been involved in a number of art exhibitions at Venue Cymru, as well as facilitating workshops for children with challenging behaviour to help them channel their angst in a controlled environment. He has assisted turning around a number of kids and helped them back onto the straight and narrow. After an initial discussion, Maurice knew that this was a team of guys who she could work with and that they would fit right in on the project.

Cream Soda hit Black Duke of Lancaster 05

So where does DuDug go from here? Well people won’t have to wait too long…