Black Duke Vs Fin DAC


Fin DAC Vs Black Duke 01

The latest artist to get involved with Dudug, and leave their mural on the Duke of Lancaster Ship, isLondonbased Fin DAC. Heralding from Cork originally, the Irish artist is a relative new-comer to the art world. Having lived in London much of his life, he has been witness to a diverse mix of street art, which is includes both good and bad pieces. His own style – which he describes as Urban Aesthetics (a modern-day take on a 19th century art movement), is an atypical paint/stencil style.

Fin DAC Vs Black Duke 02

Fin DAC is self-taught and his stunning murals have earned him quick respect in the field, having exhibited alongside well-known names such as Goldie, Nick Walker and Jef Aerosol. His realist work and skilled stenciling saw him achieve an incredibly successful solo show in 2010, whilst also making him a regular fixture in high end gallery shows.

Fin DAC Vs Black Duke 03

The piece he designed and created for the Duke of Lancaster is distinctly different to the other works on the ship. Titled ‘Mauricamia’, it is a piece of real beauty, capturing the image of a geisha – a form which followers of the artist will be familiar with. The visually stunning piece dramatically stretches the full height of the hull.

Fin DAC Vs Black Duke 04

Fin Dac’s work has been positioned on theHullof the ship – this is the one area on the boat which can’t be seen from the coastal road.  Dudug purposefully chose this spot for the piece so it would be hidden from passersby. The other pieces on the ship signify and describe corruption, but this striking piece is destined to be a hidden beauty, that will only be seen in real life if the ship’s dock is opened to the public.

Fin DAC Vs Black Duke 05

With the eventual aim to transform the Duke of Lancaster into an open air art gallery, Dudug of course intend for the public to be able to come and see this piece. This piece symbolises the beauty of the ship, which has remained hidden and slowly eroded away.