An up and coming Russian Gallery artist has created a new piece of artwork which pays tribute to an abandoned 1950s cruise liner which is docked off the North Wales coastline, The Duke of Lancaster. The ship has become the starring feature of Lora Zombie’s latest creation.

"Rise Dear Child" - By Lora Zombie

The Duke, which was originally destined to be tourist attraction, The Funship, has recently been bombed with street art designs. The works have been created by; renowned Latvian street artist KIWIE, and Welsh crew; Dime One and the Cream Soda Crew. With the works making headlines locally and internationally, as well as creating a buzz across social media platforms, they caught the imagination of well-known grunge artist, Zombie.

The artist’s latest piece, entitled ‘Rise Dear Child’ has been created in her instantly recognisable signature style incorporating her cult characters, with the majestic ship creating the background drop.

"Rise Dear Child" by Lora Zombie

Self-taught artist Lora Zombie was approached by Dudug, the group responsible for orchestrating the works from KIWIE and Dime One and the Cream Soda Crew, and she was instantly keen to be involved. With her busy schedule, she was unable to come over to the UK to leave her own mural on the ship, so instead decided to pay homage to it with the creation of an exclusive piece of artwork.

Zombie is a rising star, with her exhibitions quickly selling out galleries worldwide. Her exhibitions have gone far and beyond her native Russia, reaching across Europe and into the USA and Canada.

The Duke of Lancaster is a well-loved and iconic landmark and the works on the ship have given it a new lease of life. This week co-owner John Rowley confirmed his blessing for the artwork on the ship and alluded to his new hope – to transform the boat into a venue for an open air art gallery and sculpture park.

"Rise Dear Child" by Lora Zombie

Canvas prints of Lora’s ‘Rise Dear Child’ are available from the Dudug Online Shop, along with prints of KIWIE’s works which also feature on the boat.