Black Duke Vs Mr Zero & Fatheat


Fatheat Vs Black Duke 01

The Duke of Lancaster has once again attracted two more artists from overseas, to the brisk North Wales Coastline. Hungarian artists Mr Zero and Fatheat have added their design to the ship, and like the other works, corruption is the theme.

Fatheat Vs Black Duke 02

Mr Zero and Fatheat are both part of the Colored Effects Crew, which was formed back in 2000. Mr Zero’s real name is Krisztián Viszokai, but he has used the name Mr Zero since 1998. He has been part of the underground art world since the tender age of 12, when he created his first piece which was of a comic book character, on a wall in his home town inHungary. He creates mainly 3D character artwork, which has a very distinctive style.

Fatheat Vs Black Duke 03

Mr Zero’s partner on the piece for the Duke is Fatheat, who describes himself as a ‘Graffiti Addict’. Fatheat first took an interest in graffiti back in 1998, when he saw mysterious and colourful lettering appear around his hometown. Fatheat will paint anything from characters to lettering, whether it is a small canvas, or a large mural, such as the Duke of Lancaster.

Mr Zero Vs Black Duke 01

Together the artists have created a piece called ‘Prophets of Profit’ which has been split into two separate pieces. These sit either side of BUNGLE’s ‘Face of Authority’ mural.

Mr Zero Vs Black Duke 02

Mr Zero’s part of the piece is a 12m x 7m mural which depicts a pig, with the wording ‘Greed’, ‘Power’ and ‘Corruption’ across him. He also wears a hat which includes the Flintshire County Council logo clearly at the centre. This is then complimented by Fatheat’s monster character, which incorporates floating heads and skulls within it, all surrounded by money. The faces within the painting represent the people affected by the character’s corruption – they have been swallowed up and used against their will. Fatheat’s piece occupies a massive 12m x 9m on the side of the ship.

Mr Zero Vs Black Duke 03

As more artists from across the UK and Europe come forward and are keen to be part of Dudug, the works are really starting to take shape. Corruption is the clear theme, but maybe there’s a hidden gem in there somewhere.