Colin Everett, Chief Executive Officer of Flintshire County Council has stepped in and superseded David Heggarty, Head of Regeneration in the on-going battle to turn The Duke of Lancaster at Llanerch-y-Mor into the largest open air art gallery in the UK.

In June 2012, Flintshire County Council maintained that the project was totally unviable due to restricted access to the site, and in particular the inability of the emergency vehicles to cross the nearby Glan-y-Don Bridge in Mostyn. DuDug has since commissioned 13 huge murals on the ship by world renowned artists such as Dank, FinDac and SpaceHop.

Mr. Everett’s involvement has terminated with what he considers to be “a definitive position statement”, however, DuDug have today released to him and the press their own true and factual account.

Over the past 12 months, DuDug have pulled together information from a number of easily accessible sources and believe that access to the dock by the emergency services should never have been quoted as an issue towards regeneration as they have a statutory right to use the bridge and the gross vehicle weight of a Fire Engine is not a Health and Safety Issue. This has been confirmed in writing by Network Rail.

DuDug are now hopeful that the council may finally put away their historical objections and provide the project with the goodwill they require to achieve their ambitions.

DuDug Project Director Maurice Blunt said of this recent development “We are really hopeful that our research will allow the council to set aside the historical objections and work with us to bring a much needed tourist attraction inNorth Wales. In keeping with the Council Motto of ‘The Best Shield is Justice’ we have called upon Mr. Everett to come forward with some proposals of his own to help us”

The owners of the ship have had a series of well documented legal battles with the council in relation to their operation of the ship and site since they first docked The Duke there in 1979 and it would appear that there is still great resistance from the council to support any venture involving The Duke of Lancaster.

FCC Flintshire County Council Scandal 01

Flintshire County Council Scandal 02

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After 12 months of attempting to extract a definitive statement from the Head of Regeneration (ironically about regeneration), apparently the questions we asked were ACTUALLY too difficult, or at least the answers were too sensitive to put in writing.

We have been told from his boss not to involve him anymore. The Leader, “Mr. Council” himself has stepped in and has taken the reins.

Let’s hope for the sake of transparency he not only does the right thing, but also abides by his own 10 day deadline for a response.

Mr. Council’s Customer Care Policy Countdown below.

Aaron Shotton Flintshire County Council

Mr Council’s Courtesy Countdown…


Do not ignore us Mr Council


Do not Ignore us Mr Council - Black Duke Project

FLINTSHIRE Council have been faced with a rather large message from an anarchist group, who are in the process of regenerating an abandoned cruise liner, with the aim of transforming it into Europe’s largest open ait art gallery. A 6 foot postcard was hand delivered to the Head of Regeneration at the Council, bearing some questions about their objections to this tourist attraction being created.

Black Duke Dudug Project Vs Mr Council

Dudug were formed  last year with the aim of transforming the Duke of Lancaster 1960s cruise liner into a stunning piece of modern art. Since formation, Dudug have coordinated a series of artists to visit the ship from across Europe and leave their own original pieces of urban art. A total of 12 gigantic and impressive murals have been added since August 2012.

Duke of Lancaster Ship Tourist Attraction

Whilst these works have been added, Dudug have also been working in the background to try and progress plans for the ship to become a much needed tourist attraction in the area, but they have repeatedly met objections from the council.

Dudug Project Director, Maurice Blunt, commented: “Last August Dudug promised to bring back to life, and draw public attention to The Duke of Lancaster, docked in Mostyn, as well as regenerating her into a tourist attraction in an area crying out for investment and employment. Eight months on, and with the help of some extraordinary friends from all over Europe, as well as locally, that vision would become a full blown reality if only we could get the goodwill of Flintshire County Council.”

Graffiti Street Art Project North Wales

Flintshire council have put forward a series of objections, which Dudug have battled to overturn. The biggest barrier, they claim, is that the access bridge to the ship is not structurally sound enough to take the weight of a 12 tonne fire engine.

Maurice continues; “The Council continue to put forward claims that are simply untrue. The most startling of which is, they state, Glan-y-Don bridge, which takes loads in excess of 30 tonnes on a daily basis, is not strong enough to support a 12 tonne fire engine if emergency access was ever required on the ship’s dock. This is blatant discrimination.

Flintshire County Council - Do not ignore us

“We have repeatedly asked the Council’s Head of Regeneration to justify his claim, but now unfortunately it seems Dudug are shamefully being ignored.”

The owners of the ship have had a series of well documented legal battles with the council about their plans for the ship, since they first docked the Duke there in the 1970s.

The group decided that they needed to go to extreme lengths to capture the attention of the Council and motivate them to respond. They created a 6ft postcard, which directly addressed the Council’s MAIN objection.  The detailed postcard included a stamp featuring a copy of the first mural which was added to the ship by Latvian street artist KIWIE back in August.

Black Duke Lancaster Graffiti Ship North Wales Vs Mr Council

Maurice concludes; “Hopefully this little reminder will be quite difficult to miss or file in any council’s ‘ignore’ postal tray. We are not asking the Council for money, only their goodwill.”


Dear Mr Council Part II


Dear Mr Flintshire Council 1

Has it entered your mind Mr Council about emergency vehicles accessing the sewage plant or are they banned?

Dear Mr Flintshire Council 2

Why haven’t you (Mr Council – Head of Regeneration)  stood up and shouted, hang on! How can it be right that one party can take 30 ton vehicles over the bridge yet the same bridge supposedly cannot support 12 ton fire engines?

Dear Mr Council Sign

 Dear Mr Flintshire Council 3

 Dear Mr Flintshire Council 4

 It still leaves the burning question, does our proposed project, which ticks all the boxes regards tourism and fits the Councils aspirations for the coastal path, have the Council’s goodwill or not? 

We ask again.